Monday, 16 May 2011

its time to join hands - to build the bengal of our dreams!

Bengal has blessed Smt. Mamata Banerjee with an overwhelming mandate - and it is time for the state ands to pick up the gauntlet. Let us shed all pessimism and join hands to build the bengal of our dreams.... this forum is not for the naysayers. this is for those who want to do their bit. come tell us what YOU propose to do. We at Core Sector Communique promise to send all your positive responses to the powers that be. Come, let us make up for the lost time. 


gouranga said...

Good Effort. Keep it up.

Ranojoy said...

We need a consolidated and integrated effort--Political will and support is only a part to it-but the people of WB must wake up to the call of the hour and take the development process further----the ball is in our court now and we have to deliver.Bengalis have been brilliant individuals but when it comes to making a team or a group we have failed year after year--let us correct ourselves since only together we win