Thursday 26 May 2011

Bengal's Tryst with Destiny

Marxist rule in Bengal has been a long and uninterrupted one for over three and  a half decades. It has unleashed many impulses and synergies.  The good one being the collective bargaining process-that ushered in a heap of essential benefits for the workers and marginalised. That ensured a populist mandate that kept them in power.This was a much needed conduit to dismantle the archaic colonial hierarchial management systems , steeped to the core of all industries, whether plantation or mechanical. A new management structure was the desperate need of the hour- and attacking them systematically ensured the might and power  of the  collective force.With power comes responsibility. Unfortunately, though all workers and marginalised became aware of their rights- there was no checks and balances for executing their responsibilities. The failure to create awareness and build its attendant capacity , witnessed the flight of economical, intellectual and entrepreniual capital of Sonar Bangla-turning her to a skeletal dowager. Trade and traders moved in to fill the void. Bereft of any creative synergy  the economic decline was swift, as the best fled to greener pastures across the border.
   The mandate accorded to Mamata Banerjee and Trinamul is a classic support of the historical adage-  Where Theres Life Theres Hope. She is a living example of this adage. Her credentials are a manifestation of her complete belief to her values. She has singlehandedly challenged the formidable Marxist bastion , fearlessly against all odds. She is incorruptible and she cares. THESE INNATE QUALITIES COUPLED WITH HER TOTAL BELIEF IN HERSELF  have prompted the people to give her an unequivocal mandate to rule.
      It is a huge ask, and if anyone can surmount the mountains , its her.
       Our administration, judiciary and constabulary are all mannned by excellent officers. They need to function apolitically and independently, without any interference from political circles. The three arms are the essential extensions for a healthy, vibrant and progressive community. External  political influences are carcinogen that ultimately leads to chaos and collapse. The million dollar question is will the Trinamul , give them full rein to reinstate law and order , the fundaments for usheing peace and thence investment?
We firmly believe that she will do so. Its a monumental challenge, fraught with the possibilities of  multi-faceted downspirals. This is the critical decision that will usher in the beginning of a new dawn, a renaissance.   The credo of the hour should be - What can we do for the government and not what the government can do for us- hence we have forged alliances with like-minded people to initiate a slew of green projects on that historic day- May13, as an unequivocal supporter. Action speak louder than words- and we are confident that this will prove that we put our money where are mouth is. Thank you the great Gang.

(The Author is one of the most respected Tea planters of the state and is known to have successfully introduced sustainable planting trechniques with a holistic view creating in the process an eco system where the people, the environment and the economic activies co exist in harmony.)   

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